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Advocacy Services Offered to the General Public

When someone in your family is sick, the last thing you need is a stack of confusing medical bills that are difficult to understand. You also need to know if your insurance company paid according to your policy benefits and if you really owe the balance the physician/facilities are requesting.

We can help by organizing and reviewing the bills.
Our office will work directly with the physician, facility and insurance company to accomplish the following:

  • Verify the services billed by physician/facility to the insurance company were the services you received.
  • Verify that the insurance company properly reimbursed the physician/facility and/or you according to your policy benefits.
  • Verify your account with the physician/facility to be sure that they posted insurance payments and adjustments correctly.
  • Discuss your account balance due with physicians/facilities and prepare the necessary documents to set-up payment arrangements with the physician/facility to prevent your account from going to collections.
  • We will provide you with easy to understand reports of discovered information for your records.
  • We will provide you with one-on-one explanation/review of all discovered information.

We offer explanation and review assistance with monthly household recurring responsibilities.

  • We will provide one-on-one contact with you to review your monthly bills for accuracy.
  • We will follow up with any service vendor to get answers to your questions to make sure that you understand what you are paying for.
  • We will set up a payment schedule to insure that the payment is accurate and timely to avoid late fees and/or penalties.

We will document your medical history on paper and/or CD.


If your administrative need is not listed please ask!



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